August Observations

Observation of the day…

August 16, 2014

My Ford Focus parked next to another Ford Focu

This hasn't ever happened before. Today, the only parking place I cound find was directly next to another identical Ford Focus—same year, same model, same color. Mine is the one on the right. Twins, I guess, from the look of this.

I know there are a lot of Focuses on the road. I see them all the time and it makes me smile that I may own possibly the most popular car of the decade. But I've never been anywhere near one so exactly alike that only the antenna ball differentiated us—well, that and the license plate. The antenna ball (inset) is a fat little orange airplane from Disneyland.

Observation of the day…

August 10, 2014

My girl Rita helping make the bed

Rita: "I'm helpin' ain't I?"

Me: "Yeah, ya ain't."

Sometimes you just need to go with the flow. Like making the bed. It helps to have someone else working the other side, to make it even and speed up the task.

That's not what happened. Rita, my sweet girl, almost never goes near the bed. But today, she decided I needed as much help as she could offer. At first she rode around as I tugged the sides to get them square. Then she decided to be playful.

Troy calls the game "blanket snake"—pounce on whatever is under the covers with all claws and teeth. When that got painful (the teeth, y'know), I quit.

Rita figured the snake was still in there somewhere and dove in after it.

Observation of the day…

August 2, 2014

What the heck is this

I don't remember ever seeing a bright light anywhere near this railing—which makes it scary. There's an even spookier photo on my Facebook page. My friend Rebecca Meredith said, "I'm telling you, you're being followed by an ectoplasmic being."

The episode started out innocently. The moon was out and from where I stood, it was huge. As I looked for a good place to shoot the moon, I had my phone camera turned on. It took a number of these weird "pocket photos" within minutes of each other last night while I waited for Hannah to arrive on the bus. I posted another really strange one on Facebook.

Unfortunately, the camera disagreed with my naked eye about the size of the moon. It saw a little spec of white that it couldn't even focus on. If you know how to coax a Nokia 1520 to take a good photo of the moon, please email me.